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House Rules

The Rookies Coffeeshop Amsterdam house rules

Actually yes. Hey, we want you and all of our patrons to have a great time with us! That's what the rules help us do.

All coffeeshops ask that you respect their requirements to operate in good standing with the city. We appreciate it! 🙏

- The Rookies

Admission is for persons aged 18 and older.

ID required. If you cannot provide ID, access will be denied. (Passport, driver's license, and identity cards are accepted)

We do not tolerate resale to minors. You will be denied access for this.

Possession, use, and sale of hard drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden on our premises.

The maximum quantity that one individual can purchase per day is 5 grams.

Tobacco smoking is not allowed indoors. Tobacco is allowed only on our terrace. We offer a great CBD hemp substitute to roll with!

We do not tolerate aggression.

If we notice the disturbance of public order, nuisance or breaking our house rules, it will be reported to the police.

Be informed 😎

Enjoy yourself without any rude surprises. Here's the latest info you need to know about cannabis in Amsterdam

Updated: April 2024

Where can you smoke cannabis in Amsterdam?

You are still free to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam — just not 'anywhere'

  • Public cannabis smoking is now banned in specific areas of of central Amsterdam: Central Station, de Wallen (the Red Light District), the Dam, the Damrak, and the Nieuwmarkt, and also some residential neighbourhoods. You can end up with a €100 fine.

  • Regular cafés, pubs and bars don't often allow cannabis smoking on their terraces. Always ask before sparking up!

  • Parks are ok, but as a courtesy avoid smoking cannabis around children's playgrounds and the elderly.

  • By the way, indoor tobacco smoking is prohibited in cafés, bars and coffeeshops.

Are visitors allowed to buy cannabis in Amsterdam?

Despite the rumours, yes international visitors can buy cannabis!

  • Don't waste your money on 'cannabis' cakes, candies, etc. sold in souvenir shops. There is no THC* in these products!

  • In the Netherlands, only coffeeshops are licensed to sell THC cannabis & products.

*THC is the active 'high' ingredient in cannabis


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A Dutch research, policy and professional advisory body regarding mental health and substance use

The Office of Medicinal Cannabis (OMC) from the Ministry of Health is the government office responsible for the production of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes.


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